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ASELINOS HOTEL, by its posistion experience daily the beauty and the "wealth" of the environment. Therefore, as a gesture to planet earth, we now use AEGEAN POWER as a primary supplier for all electricity needs.





05/2010 - ASELINOS CUP 2010


In the frames of our efforts, for growth in our region, among other synergies, we establish, from this year on, the athletic event: “ASELINOS CUP”.  Thus, on Saturday 15/05/2010 in the stadium of Lidoriki were carried out a “friendly” football game between the teams: EAGLE (LIDORIKI) and PAOK (PATREON), winner was the team of PAOK, 7-5.

The game followed a small ceremony, where the cup, to the winning team and commemorative medals to all football players, were awarded, by the mayor of Lidoriki city as well as by Mr. Papathanassiou G. (foto) and a dinner with music took place in the hotel “ASELINOS”.

This initiative, as it declared by Mr Papathanassiou, will follow many more. This aims to create “added value” in the region and its efforts to be “recognizable”. According to Mr. Papathanassiou, there is a bigger need to do so now because, this city has been chosen, by the central government, to be represented as central Municipality of DORIDA.


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