Three tracks start from the village, leading to the Mt Giona, to the Cave of Zoodochos Pigi and the Mornos river. Within the village itself there is a playground, a basketball field, and a small (5x5 players) football field in a fair condition.
All surrounding rocky mountains are ideal for climbing. The cliff of the Mt Giona, the world famous "plaka", is a negative angle slope that attracts a lot of risky climbers. The construction of a modern Climbing Center in Sykea has just been completed and is expected to become operative in the months to come.
There are no professional sport services providers operating in the region. Nevertheless, several organized groups are considerably active here (based in Athens or elsewhere), especially as far as climbing is concerned.

Apart numerous hunters, one can find:
- mountain bikers
- jeep owners
(on the Daou-Lafkaditi course along Mornos river)
- parapente in Maladrino
- kayaking and rafting in Mornos river
- fishing trouts in Mornos river
(with spoon nets or one's bare hands)


Festivities in the village of Sykea, with traditional food dishes, music and dances, take place three times a year:
- Celebrating "Zoodochos Pigi" on the first Friday after Easter, atop the hill over the village, after attending the Communion in the church inside the cave of Arsali.
- Celebrating the Holly Mother, on August 14 and 15, in a chapel next to the Lazorema (gully), set out in a beautiful landscape.
- During the week that precedes August 15, by the small gully that runs through the village (a traditional band being all day present, appointed by the local cultural society).
During the summer, festivities take place all over the region, there is no village without festivals of its own.
Those organized by the municipality of Amphissa and the numerous local cultural societies taken into account, there is literally no day without some special event. Apart traditional festivities, cultural life in Doris proves to be significant, thanks to all kinds activities (theatrical plays, concerts etc.). The hotel manager is always at your disposal for further details and suggestions about festivities.


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