Distances :
From Athens:
235 km, From Kastro: 125 km, From Levadia: 100 km,

From Mpralo: 40 km, From Lamia: 70 km, From Amphissa: 55 km,

From Delphi: 70 km, From Thessaloniki: 350 km, From Patras: 120 km

The climate of the region is mild. In the summer the temperature is 3-4 degrees lower than it is at the plain levels of central Greece (37o C max.), the nights are usually cool.

In the winter the temperature is -3o to 5o C, during an one month period. It snows 1-3 times a year and in severe weather conditions the hotel is always accessible from the south (from Lidoriki).

In such cases though, the access may sometimes be uneasy from the north (due to ground frost), so visitors are suggested to come in touch with the hotel manager, to map out the best itinerary for you.

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